is using a bit of storage in my setup. How can I safely delete the media attachments without getting trouble with my database?

Is there an / non Google alternative to the Android System WebView App?

Android WebView is a system component powered by Chrome that allows apps to display web content. This component is pre-installed on your device and should be kept up to date to ensure you have the latest security updates and other bug fixes.

Popcorn Computer's Pocket P.C. price will rise shortly.
I would be happy if they would increase the RAM as well. 😅

Nextcloud Docker Update ging super flott vonstatten und ohne Probleme 😎😊

feierte am Wochenende seinen 30. Geburtstag. Seit etwas mehr als einem Jahr beschäftigte auch ich mich intensiv mit Python und bin begeistert, was wir damit in kürzester Zeit implementieren konnten. 😊😎

Fourth generation of is here! | Blog

We’ve come a long way, since Sailfish OS was first introduced in 2013. Now as we enter the 4th generation with Sailfish OS, the secure platform for trusted mobile solutions, we can proudly say that our product is in great shape and ready to expand to new frontiers!  After Sailfish 3 was launched many big developments …

pySmartHome - a MicroPython and ESP32 based private Smart Home under your control.
Build with -red

As my publishes its sensor data to an broker, I set up some nice visualization with and which subscribes to the data topics.

ownCloud Infinite Scale: Go statt PHP, Microservices statt LAMP

Grundsätzlich war mir immer sympathischer, aber könnte nun mit der neuen Technologie in der Zukunft die Nase vorne haben.
Vielleicht fördert der Wettbewerb aber auch die Entwicklungen auf beiden Seiten.
Bisher bin ich noch mit meinem Docker-basierten Nextcloud Setup inklusive Letsencrypt sehr zufrieden.

I am currently setting up my own based on and . ☺
The code snipps and further instructions will be uploaded to my first open repository:

My projects is improving. 😎
I am now able to read the temperature, humidity and pressure, publish it via and show the results in a ui.


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